Here you can read a brief background and learn about the bodywork style of our therapists. All of our therapists have graduated with Certificates of Massage Therapy and are currently registered with the State of Colorado. All therapists are flexible and accommodating to the individual client, we always allow time for discussing your needs and goals for the session. All therapists maintain a high level of professionalism before, during and after the treatment. Feel free to choose the therapist you believe will best fit your style or schedule for the best time and we’ll choose for you.


Kat moved to Crested Butte to follow her passion for skiing and the outdoors after receiving her B.A. from Green Mountain College in Vermont in 2006. She attended and graduated from Mountain Heart School of Massage and Bodywork ( in 2008. Kat married her long time partner (Shawn) in 2012, adopted two rescue dogs (Levon and Olive), and welcomed a daughter (Lucille) to the family in 2015. She maintains her massage practice and is Board Certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Mountain Heart School of Massage and Bodywork, and in her spare time loves to cook all things savory and sweet.

Kat thinks one of the best things about massage is that every client is different, "every body is it's own puzzle."  She listens to your individual needs and creates a session that meets your goals, targeting your specific areas of tension, and facilitating change in your body. Whether you're looking for a pampering SPA treatment, a Signature massage, or therapeutic deep tissue work, ponder taking an hour (or more!) to treat your mind and body with Kat.


Jess moved to Crested Butte in October 2007 from the flat planes of the Midwest where she could explore her passion for the outdoors in the heart of the mountains. With a life long goal to help people, she attended and graduated from Mountain Heart School of Bodywork and Transformational Therapy in 2009. She has been a licensed massage therapist since then in this place of beauty that inspires her soul. Encouraged by the nature around us, Jess hopes to bring peace to her clients through massage. Whether you want to relax from the hustle and bustle of busy life in a comfortable space to settle the mind, or are looking for the release of aching muscles with deeper pressure and intention, Jess strives to help people on an individual basis. So, if you're here hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, or just admiring this wonderful valley, massage is a great way for your bodies needs to be met.


Growing up in North Idaho with outdoor adventures abound, Ariel was easily determined to a make a grand road trip out of life. Little did she know as she drove into Crested Butte seven years ago, this place has more than enough diverse possibilities to entertain a lifetime. She immediately set out to explore the endless peaks and valleys, at first on a snowboard, then with boots and a backpack. She likes to dabble with her nose to the damp forest floor hunting edible fungi. Her most recent addiction is navigating the bottomless bike trails, the best way to get miles away. She loves making cookies without a recipe and most of her free time is spent with her "pharaoh-like" hound named Zappa. Massage therapy took some time to discover but Ariel always believed in the power of sharing helpful energy through touch. She earned her license at Mountain Heart School of Bodywork, located in Crested Butte and loves how many directions one can expand their knowledge within the practice. She plans to continue her education throughout her lifetime. It is so satisfying to be able to bring comfort, relief, and body awareness to help people get along in life. Ariel has always been impressed at the bodies' ability to accomplish extraordinary feats of strength, but equally impressive is it's ability to heal. To become aware of our body's needs and allow ourselves to heal we may need some guidance. A massage is an excellent way to reward the body for all its hard work. If you have been hiking among the wildflowers, enjoying the winter alpine, or bagging that next peak, you and your body deserve a treat!


Liz became a massage therapist after moving to Crested Butte and discovering the toll mountain life has on the body. Her hope is to help people manage pain, recover from injury quickly and continue on their adventures. She attended Mountain Heart School of Bodywork and Transformational Therapy, and now works at Physio Therapy Associates assisting with rehab and soft tissue work in addition to Massage Therapy at Escape Bodywork Boutique. Liz snowboards, backpacks, and mountain bikes in our beautiful corner of the world here in Crested Butte. Sports and recovery is what brought Liz to the world of massage, and the power of touch and relaxation is what she hopes all of her clients can benefit from.


A keen awareness and appreciation for the human body came naturally for Kayla, as did the need to help people. She had not considered Massage Therapy until the day a friend had mentioned, “You know, you should go to school for massage.. you would be really good at it.” She enrolled at Mountain Heart School of Bodywork in Crested Butte, Colorado and quickly fell in love with the practice. Amazed by her training and the endless possibilities, Kayla was excited to start practicing right away. Kayla did not come from Crested Butte, rather, in June 2015 she decided on a whim to pack up her car and move to a place she had never been before: Colorado. Coming from a suburb outside of Chicago, the valley was quite the change; the exact change she was looking for. Her favorite things in life include love, the outdoors, and the ability to become whoever you want! Nonetheless, as Kayla strives to help herself in healing her own mind, body and soul, she is passionate to play a similar role in the lives of others.


** Mandi is not presently accepting appointments** Mandi's lifelong interest in health and wellbeing brought her to Crested Butte in May of 2007.  She attended Mountain Heart School of Massage and Bodywork, and graduated with certificates in Massage Therapy, Nuero-Muscular Therapy, Somatic Mind-Body Therapy and Spa Therapy. Mandi has a strong love for the outdoors and thus a wonderful working knowledge of how many activities impact our bodies. Mandi’s top adventure passions are rock climbing, snowboarding, and yoga. She also enjoys: nordic skiing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, traveling, and simply enjoying life with her family! Mandi and her husband, Nate, have two children and are expecting the third in May of 2018.

Mandi has maintained a massage practice in Crested Butte since 2007 and has owned Escape Bodywork since 2011. Mandi was a massage instructor at Mountain Heart School of Massage from 2009-2014, she has also taught yoga at Yoga for the Peaceful. Mandi believes massage is a pleasant way to enhance the well being of a person, to liberate from the day-to-day stresses of life.  Relaxing and letting go for an hour or more can benefit the mind, body and spirit.  Mandi works with clients to target specific needs and achieve your personal goals.  Whether you are looking for a hurts-so-good, therapeutic, deep tissue massage or in need of a nurturing, relaxation massage, Mandi will customize your massage to be exactly what you need!


October of 2009, Sarah Darval and Shannon Dunlap joined efforts and opened Escape Bodywork Boutique. During the fall of 2009, the two worked hard to realize their vision of a massage studio that promotes the health and happiness of its clients and its owners. In 2011, Mandi Smith joined forces with Sarah to provide more services and availability for Escape. In 2012, Sarah moved to Revelstoke with her husband. Mandi now passionately owns Escape and has put together a team of exceptional therapists to offer a variety of skills, passions and expertise.

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